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Anytime I'm asked to post a self description, it seems as if I rise to my own level of incompetence in record time. I don't know why this is, since once I've started, words just seem to fall onto whatever media I'm using. That being said, let me preface my bio with a question from a book which changed the way I view this world significantly. The author is Daniel Quinn and the book is called "Ishmael." The question is,"Did you ever get the feeling that you have been lied to?" When I first read that passage, it literally jumped off the page at me and I felt like I was on to something. The further I read, the more I felt a sense of kinship with the characters in the book. Little did I realize just how profound of a change this book, and subsequent books by the author, would have upon me. In the end, I was hospitalized in the mental health ward of my local hospital, not knowing if I could even trust what my eyes or ears told me. I was losing my grip on reality and it was not until I was hospitalized, that I figured out why; my belief system had just been destroyed. Not knowing this, and so not having anything to replace it with, my mind sought desperately to find something to believe in, and finally I found it. Fellowship. That was the only catharsis that  was suggested to me, and I took it like a duck takes to water. My first taste of this "fellowship" came about on January 19, 2003. This is the day when millions of people around the world marched in protest of George Bush's plans to start an illegal war. The outcome of that day was predictable, at least to some of us, but we can all say," at least we made the effort." So when I came upon the idea of this website, I felt similar feelings like those I'd had in "03. I envisioned a place where we can all fellowship, with our own unusual,(or not) ideas, and feel secure enough to let others know what we think. I thought that this should be a place where we can share our thoughts on ANYTHING - politics, religion,philosophy, technology, people, places, things , in short, almost anything the human mind can produce. But I digress. Since this blurb is supposed to tell the reader something about me, let me begin again.

I am a 56 year young man, who has packed considerably more years into my life than my age suggests. I have varied interests such as repairing electronics, computer repair, building bicycles, and knife making just to mention a few. Being a Scorpio

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